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Clinical Supervision

I hold a L6 Diploma in Supervision and my aim as a supervisor is work collaboratively to support your development and to help your practice grow.  

As a creative integrative therapist working with a range clients from 5-80 years old I bring this experience to the supervision process. 

In my private practice I offer supervision for therapists working with adults and/or young people. Individual or group supervision is available. 

I have been supervising therapists working with children and young people at Kent Counselling for Schools for several years.

Although my approach is based on an integrative model I work with practitioners trained in a range of theoretical models.  

I use the seven-eyed model by Hawkins and Shohet, which brings a holistic view of the supervisory process from several angles. This includes the client/counsellor relationship, interventions, counsellor/supervisors relationship, wider context and more. The collaborative approach aims to ensure ethical and safe practice with your clients. Sessions explore how to gain the best in your own professional and client development. 

My first session

Having been a therapist for many years I know first hand the importance of finding the right supervisor for your practice. 

I would encourage you to have a phone conversation with any potential supervisor before an initial session. 

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